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The Creative Assembly, developers of the upcoming title Total War: WARHAMMER, have recently announced their plans for free post-launch content. After having silently weathered the storm of outrage following their Chaos pre-order announcement, this is a positive turn of events even in my cynical book.

After launch, a select number of new units, heroes and legendary lords will be free to all owners of Total War: WARHAMMER. Now that sounds pretty good but wait, there’s more! Apparently they even want to release a new playable race. For free. One wonders whether they made so much money off the Chaos pre-launch bundle that even the folks at SEGA and CA felt like they had to give something in return. Or it’s just appeasement before the next big announcement, who knows?

As it stands, this effectively puts the last nail in the coffin for those that were still trying to pressure SEGA and CA into changing their pre-order policy concerning Chaos. The good part? It ended better than expected and we should definitely support CA in this. Hopefully, support for this decision will make free post-launch DLC more appealing to other developers too.

For more information, check out the press release blow and CA developer blog.

Official Press Release

Free DLC Plans Announced for Total War: WARHAMMER

As with other recent Total War titles, Creative Assembly is pleased to say that Total War: WARHAMMER will also feature a programme of post-release Free DLC for everyone who owns the game.

In the months following launch, players will be able to grab additional new units, Heroes, Legendary Lords and even an entire new playable Race, all for free.

“With both Rome II and Attila we were able to release playable factions, new formats and even a free campaign expansion as a thanks to players for supporting Total War,” said Rob Bartholomew, Brand Director at CA. “The Warhammer Fantasy Battles World is gigantic, and we’re looking forward to exploring it over the forthcoming trilogy. But that incredible cast of characters and monsters also provides us the chance to make lots of interesting Free DLC to support our games over time.”

A new developer blog on Total War’s website talks in more detail about the future content plans for Total War: WARHAMMER, including what players can expect from forthcoming paid-DLC Campaign, Race and Lords packs before the second game in the trilogy arrives:

Total War: WARHAMMER is the first Fantasy Total War, and is available from the 24th May – check for details.

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