Fort Craft – Announcement

Posted on 24 Mar 2021

Septarian Games and PlayWay have announced Fort Craft – a game that plonks you smack in the middle of the colonial age where you’ll construct and manage forts, plan defences and attacks, and slaughter the locals for their gold and tea. Fort Craft is releasing in Q4 2022 for PC.

Official Press Release

Fort Craft is a simulation game where you conquer and manage forts. Take part in battles and sieges, reconstruct the conquered fort, prepare the defense of your fortifications, and use a wide variety of tools to maintain supply for your soldiers. Each fort has its own stories and secrets to discover, be it blueprints for a new cannon or a pile of resources. Your mission is to take care of the morale and needs of your army, the actions of which you can witness in both FPP and TPP.

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