For Honor Shows Special Units

Posted on 06 Sep 2016 by
L Coulsen

Three short vignettes popped up on the Ubisoft YouTube channel last night, giving a brief introduction to the special units available in upcoming multiplayer battler For Honor. One for each of the three fations.

First up is the Warden, representing the Knight (British) Faction. They are most easily described as Templar warriors. Though that’s highly inaccurate, as the real Templars went into battle without any armour at all, and these guys are quite the opposite. The common image one has of a Templar is pretty much how these chaps look. Wielding a heavy, but deceptively fast, wide bladed longsword, the Wardens are a fierce opponent. Driven by complete devotion to serving and protecting the people.

Next up is the Samurai Kensei, the sword saint. Not surprisingly, mixing spirituality with martial prowess. They wield the ludicrously long (six feet!) nodachi, which was originally designed for decapitating horses when they charged. These chappies swirl them about with a grace and efficiency that would make even the most spikey headed anime-esque space villain weep in envy.

Last, and most certainly best, of all, is the Viking Raider. A half dressed, axe wielding psychopath that’s more interested in hitting as many things as possible before dying, than actually staying alive. Likely based around on berserkr, which is the old Norse of bear skin. They, shockingly enough, wore a bear skin into battle. Typically fueled by copious amounts of hallucinogenic chemicals, they were deployed before anyone else, because once let loose they would kill anything in front of them. Then sometimes sit down in the mud and start eating the dead. The origin of the word berserk, they were, well, berserk. The Raider is somewhat less batshit insane, but the similarities are striking.

For Honor is currently scheduled for release February 14th 2017, with an alpha and beta cycle accepting registrations now.

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