Epistory Leaves Early Access Behind

Posted on 31 Mar 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Epistory, the charming little typing simulator, has finally been released as a full title yesterday. The game was in Early Access since the end of last September and enjoys very positive review on the Steam storefront.

The game launches with two modes, story and arena/endless mode where you do everything, even menu navigation, by typing on your keyboard. It looks delightful in unique papercraft art style where the world will unfold right in front of your eyes. Epistory – Typing Chronicles looks like a great alternative to Typing of the Dead, especially considering it can be scaled to be easily accessible to young ones as well.

To see how the game looks in action check out the launch trailer above and for more details scroll below to read the detailed press release as well as keep an eye on Pixel Judge for our own review of the game.

Official Press Release

Mons, Belgium – Mar. 30, 2016Epistory, an atmospheric adventure with a distinct origami aesthetic, is now available through Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.  The first half of the beautiful game which received an IGF honorable mention for Excellence in Visual Arts was previously available via Early Access, while today marks the debut of the final two chapters.

Players guide a girl riding atop a three-tailed red fox on an epic journey to discover the source of an invasive darkness taking hold in a once pristine land.  As Epistory’s narrative progresses, its papercraft world literally unfolds before the player, revealing lush forests, ominous dungeons, scorched plains, frozen temples and lost cities.

Magical abilities derived from four elemental types are discovered during the adventure, and they enable the heroine and her companion to navigate these treacherous landscapes. Freezing an enemy with ice magic will lock them in place and allow players to deal with other threats, while fire magic will burn through enemies and obstacles.

Epistory’s tale is advanced entirely through an intuitive keyboard-only control scheme. Players unleash powerful magic, solve brain-teasing puzzles, attack menacing foes, explore dangerous environments and even navigate menus solely via typing.

Dynamic difficulty scaling allows everyone to enjoy the experience.  Younger players will rarely encounter challenges they can’t overcome while adults who use a keyboard all day will notice phrases will stack and grow in complexity as they prove their proficiency.

Experience earned by toppling obstacles and foes can be used to upgrade character and magic-specific abilities. For example, players can improve the protagonist’s agility, or make the fire magic quickly burn through the next term in an enemy’s chain of words.

Epistory has two game modes. The core of the game, Story Mode, allows players to piece together the narrative shared by the heroine and her companion in the mysterious world. Those searching for a competitive challenge can battle for the top spot on the leaderboards in Arena Mode, an endless fight against an onslaught of enemies.

“Our synergistic approach to storytelling and the visually stunning land in which Epistory takes place is unlike anything gamers have ever seen,” says Bruno Urbain, CEO, Fishing Cactus. “Our origami world literally unfolds in unison with the plot, creating a truly one of a kind experience.”

Epistory is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish and Portuguese Brazil via Steam for $14.99 USD. In addition to the QWERTY keyboard layout, QWERTZ, AZERTY, BEPO, Dvorak, Workman and Colemak are also supported.

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