Empire of Ember – Fantasy Siege Battles Trailer

Posted on 04 Mar 2021

Fantasy RTS/FPS hybrid Empire of Ember has a new trailer that features a well spoken narrator detailing the setting and features of the game’s combat, building, destruction system, and other features. Empire of Ember is releasing in Summer 2021.

Official Press Release

This revealing insights trailer, the first in a series of videos from developer Poleaxe Games highlighting the game, gives RPG fans a detailed and insightful peek of what’s in store.

Empire of Ember is an exciting addition to the first-person action-RPG genre. Featuring large scale army combat, player-created cities, destructible environments, and procedurally-generated dungeons.

Empire of Ember includes light RTS strategic elements that allow players to feel like they are part of a larger battle as they unleash the might of an army of NPCs to fight alongside in hundred-unit battles.

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