El Dorado: The Golden City Builder – Announcement

Posted on 04 Nov 2020

Gameparic and PlayWay have announced El Dorado: The Golden City Builder, a strategy management title that puts you in the role of building a pre-Columbian South American city where pleasing the gods is as important as pleasing your citizens. Stay tuned for more as we get it.

Official Press Release

Gameparic, part of the PlayWay Group, announces El Dorado: The Golden City Builder, where wealth does not always lead to happiness, and the anger of the Gods can bring disaster to anyone who is not favorable to them.

Plan the expansion of your city in a way to achieve the best economic efficiency. Skillfully manage the urban planning of your city as each and every building has a huge impact on the course of the game. Develop your city through the street grid, building interrelationships, places of worship, resource extraction sites and many other extensive city-builder mechanics which you can find in the game.

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