E3: Upload VR 2020

Posted on 17 Jun 2020 by
Jay Shaw

Last night was the Upload VR Showcase, as the name suggests the show focuses on VR games which we rarely cover (send us hardware Oculus, please!) due to our lack of hardware and experience with VR games. But, new games are new games and so we’re going to dive into the show and see what’s coming up in the VR space. As usual you can watch the whole show in the embed above or scroll down for individual games.

Solaris: Offworld Combat

First up we have Solaris: Offworld Combat, an 8 player online PvP shooter. We’re not even sure how much of this pre-alpha gameplay was actually using VR hardware but it looks like it’ll be fast paced and fairly straightforward as far as shooters go. Solaris is coming to Oculus in August 2020.

Panther VR

Panther VR is a stealth shooter where you can use a variety of tools to take out your opponents like stabbing them with screwdrivers, hitting them with wrenches, remote explosives, or just your trusty gun. Panther VR is already available in Steam Early Access.


Another military type shooter with military types shooting other military types with military type guns. Onward has been in early access for four years at this point too. What little we saw didn’t seem very interesting but developer Downpour Interactive used this segment to announce the game will be getting ported to the Oculus Quest in the future.

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife

Fast Travel Games have revealed Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife which is a World of Darkness game, as the excess of subtitles would suggest. You’ll explore its setting, a mansion where “even the dead are afraid,” as one of the titular wraiths and looks quite spooky. A gameplay trailer will be revealed in August.

Phantom: Covert Ops

You know it’s time to pay attention when David Hayter (Solid Snake) introduces a trailer. Phantom: Covert Ops looks to be a modern stealth FPS. The trailer shows what looks like Call of Duty style bombastic action mixed with Metal Gear or Splinter Cell style stealth action. This one’s releasing on 25 June 2020 for Oculus.

Star Shaman

Star Shaman is a rogue-lite game about exploring space and casting spells. The gameplay shown shows the player throwing fireballs, green balls, and using a shield on their left forearm to defend against incoming attacks. Star Shaman is releasing in Summer 2020.

The Rig

This murder mystery title doesn’t really show much apart from picking up a cup and bottle while watching a hologram, a woman talking about how the player character feels they’ve lost their path, and what looks like it might be part of a damaged spaceship interior. The game will be releasing on 26 June 2020 via Steam.

Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams is a game about directing traffic. The game will have a couch coop mode where one VR player and up to four non-VR players can join in with their mobiles while presumably laughing at their friend flailing around to direct traffic while fending off aliens, meteorites, and other crazy problems. Traffic Jams is coming in September 2020.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Zen Studios have announced their game Operencia: The Stolen Sun is coming to VR and dropped a trailer for this version of the game. If nothing else, exploring the dungeons in VR sounds like a pretty laid back experience.

Area Man Lives

Area Man Lives is a game about being a radio DJ. You can play with tapes, toys, press buttons and answer calls. A call shown in the trailer is a man claiming he thinks the host is destined to help him because they share a name. Area Man Lives is coming in 2021.


SixSense Studios have revealed LONN, a cyberpunk action game where you play a ninja type character in a neon soaked cyberpunk city ruled by cyborgs. The gameplay shows using swords and guns to dispatch opponents, even slicing off limbs and heads. We also see the players gloves manipulate things in the environment from a distance.


AGENCE is a VR title that mixes VR and AI to craft an experience about several creatures living on a small planet which you can choose whether to interact with or just watch. It’s not quite a game and not quite a movie but a bit of a mix of both. AGENCE is also using AI reinforcement learning to teach its characters how to behave. This one is releasing on VR, desktop, and mobile platforms.

Gravity Lab

Gravity Lab is a game about putting balls in a goal container by building sci-fi apparatus out of pipes, platforms, and a bunch of other stuff to guide them to the goal. It looks like there’ll be anti-gravity elements to the gameplay too. Gravity Lab will be releasing in 2020 for Oculus Quest.

Trial By Teng

Trial By Teng throws players into hell. Literally. The lightly comedic gameplay trailer makes it look like a gruesome but friendly version of hell where players must work off their karmic debt, but it wouldn’t be much of a game if that didn’t turn into an adventure across the afterlife.


Dark grey space ship corridors? Check. Murderous robot? Check. Red key card? Yup. No, it’s not a more boring version of Doom, it’s Cosmophobia, a sci-fi rogue-like. Unfortunately there’s no more info to be had here.

In Death: Unchained

In Death: Unchained is a medieval fantasy action rogue-lite. The gameplay trailer shows players fighting human and monster enemies with a bow and crossbow, and shield. The game is getting ported to Oculus Quest in July.


Low-Fi is a gritty cyberpunk action game set in your requisite dark and rainy city, ala Blade Runner and features flying cars, shooting, and plenty of strung out junkies and robots to get in the way of your police adventures. Low-Fi is releasing later this year.

Gnomes & Goblins

This trailer shows little goblin type creatures living in trees with complicated houses, windmills, farms, taverns, and rolling acorns. Do we have any clue what the game’s actually about? Nope. But it looks very pleasant and peaceful.

I Am A Man

I Am A Man transports players to the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s where players can see and experience this period of history. That’s kind of it for this short segment unfortunately but I Am A Man looks like one of the most interesting VR experiences yet.

Vertigo Remastered

Vertigo Remastered has just jammed a lot of weird into our eyes over the last few seconds. There’s been a hand-headed human dragged off by a tentacle and eaten by a giant fish monster, a fight with a giant robot in what looks like office cubicles, climbing vines in a cave, and gunning down happy looking little floating robots. We don’t know anything about the original Vertigo but the remaster will definitely be delivering a lot of crazy in July 2020 and will be free for owners of the original.

Trover Saves the Universe

Justin Roiland (of Rick & Morty fame) is back with another irreverent VR adventure full of jokes and modern gross-out humour that is indicative of his style. Trover Saves the Universe is coming to Oculus Quest on 18 June 2020.


Resolution Games (Angry Birds VR, amongst others) is a VR duelling game where players stand on small platforms and must grab weapons from around themselves and must try to win the fight by reducing their opponents to zero health all the while dodging fire from their opponents. Blaston is releasing in Fall 2020.

Vacation Simulator

A new DLC titles Back To Job for humorous VR romp Vacation Simulator will be releasing for free in Fall 2020. The DLC will put you in the role of a human gig economy employee who has to serve the whims of bots, floating monitor type things, who are on vacation.

That’s it for the main show. You can check out the embed at the top of this post if you want to check out the pre- and post-show content. Also, we’ll have more coverage of other shows in the coming days so don’t forget to check back for looks at way more games.

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