Dreams of Pain – Announcement

Posted on 26 May 2022

Finnish indie developer SuloSounds has revealed Dreams of Pain, a retro-inspired first-person mystery puzzle game that looks like it’s full of plenty of weirdness and gloriously chunky visuals. Dreams of Pain is releasing in Summer 2022.

Official Press Release

Dreams of Pain Coming to PC Summer 2022

A first-person mystery puzzle

Finland –May 26, 2022– Independent game developer SuloSounds has announced that his mystery puzzle game, Dreams of Pain will be coming to Steam and Itch.io this summer.

Dreams of Pain is a first-person mystery puzzle game with a strong emphasis on the atmosphere and mood.

With a ’90s retro inspired art style, Dreams of Pain tells you a mysterious and eerie story. The game is not recommended for anyone who is impatient or gets easily frustrated.

Dreams of Pain has some unique puzzles and it is extremely unlikely for players to be able to finish the game alone without help from friends.


  • First-person mystery puzzle
  • Retro-inspired art style
  • Innovative and unique puzzles
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