Dream Engines: Nomad Cities – Building & Exploration Gameplay Trailer

Posted on 08 Jun 2021

Suncrash and Gamera Game have revealed a new bit of gameplay from Dream Engines: Nomad Cities, a city building survival game where players must explore and automate their city while defending against monsters called Dream Plagues. And when you can’t defend any more, just take off in your flying city. Dream Engines is releasing later this year for PC.

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For all their powerful technology, the Ancients couldn’t stop the Dream Plagues from overrunning and destroying their cities. Thus, surviving tribes like yours had to come up with a different, more pragmatic approach: if you can’t beat them… get on your flying city and flee!

Suncrash releases today new gameplay footage of the survival city-building game Dream Engines: Nomad Cities. This anticipated strategy game brings a unique twist to the genre: once you deplete a location from its resources or your enemies are getting too dangerous, you can lift your whole city off and leave to find new areas for your tribe to thrive.

In this video, you can see some of the unique features of the game in action. See the steambot Tiny venturing into the wilderness after the city lands in an unexplored region, fighting the Dream Plagues to find the resources the city will need. Tiny also lays down an industrial hub with several factories and an automated rail system to support the city’s growth and feed its increasing population.

In the next couple of weeks, additional videos will be released focusing on other aspects of the game – defending your city against the Dream Plagues and flying off when withstanding them is no longer possible. Dream Engines: Nomad Cities will announce its release date soon; stay tuned… and beware of the Dream Plagues!


Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is an award-winning survival city-building game with flying cities. Explore with your steambot Tiny in a nightmare-infested land while gathering scraps, searching for resources to exploit, and investigating the mysterious ruins of the Ancients.

Fight the Dream Plagues in hand-to-hand or ranged combat. Gather resources to grow your city, automate production lines, research new technologies, and upgrade your buildings. Defend your flying city to survive in a wacky post-apocalyptic world full of strange science and wild dreams. Design your city keeping in mind what is and isn’t essential: when you run out of resources or the Dream Plagues grow too dangerous, you’ll be forced to lift off and fly away in search of a better place, and to leave behind anything that you can’t carry with you.

Dream Engines won the Best Game In Conference award in Games Gathering 2020’s Indie Blast competition, and was a finalist in Digital Dragons Indie Celebration 2021.


  • Build an industrious flying city. Design automated production lines in the most efficient way to make the most of your time and limited space before you are overrun.

  • Find and exploit scarce resources across different biomes. Every biome has different resources, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Explore the world with a customizable Steambot and discover ancient mysteries. Fight in real-time action with your customizable steambot Tiny

  • Research, craft, and upgrade your infrastructure. Research new structures, craft more advanced gear, and spend infrastructure points to best suit your play style.

  • Balance between expensive expansion and disposable buildings to be left behind. Manage your fuel and weight carefully – you can’t take everything with you!

  • Defend your city against the Dream Plagues. The longer you stay in the same area the stronger they get, until they grow so strong and numerous that no one can withstand their assault.

  • Survive until the last moment – then fly off and begin anew in a new area and a different biome… but hit the ground running with all the structures you brought with you!

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