Dragon’s Wandering Tavern – Announcement

Posted on 23 Jun 2021

Indie developers Wekthor Games have announced their first title; Dragon’s Wandering Tavern, a peaceful adventure about exploring an enchanted forest and helping creatures and spirits you encounter along the way. Check out the colourful announcement trailer above and press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

Dragon’s Wandering Tavern is a peaceful fantasy management roguelite game, inspired by Studio Ghibli.

You are Dangoru, a dragon who manages a magical tavern and helps creatures and spirits who join you on your adventure. You explore an enchanted forest which changes every night and causes a lot of trouble for its inhabitants. The shifting forest means that Dangoru has to explore it each day transformed. While we are focused on developing a peaceful game without combat, there are some dangers lurking in the forest that Dangoru has to evade or he risks losing what he gathered that day.

While exploring the forest as Dangoru, you’ll be going on quests to help the forest spirits, gather resources, craft magical items, cook, and build upgrades and new rooms in your tavern. This all ties into a larger story about the forest and the enchantment it has fallen under. Our main inspirations for the game were Studio Ghibli films, the magical and whimsical atmosphere, that is accessible to both young and adult audiences, while also exploring a bit more serious themes beneath the colorful visuals.

Right now we’re focused on gathering wishlists, and expect to have the beta ready in September, with Early Access to launch soon after. If you are interested in the game, please consider subscribing below to be notified and get access to the beta.

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