Dragon Ball FighterZ New Story Mode Trailer

Posted on 02 Nov 2017

So, am I the only one that thinks Goku manages to look dopey no matter what he’s doing? I guess it’s part of the screaming Saiyan’s charm that he’s a clueless lump. Bulma clearly doesn’t think so in the new trailer above, which reveals new aspects to the story; warriors are falling unconscious left and right and you’ll be playing through three story arcs which we’ve detailed previously to work out what’s going on and punch it into submission.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be launching on 26 January 2017.

Official Press Release


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment reveals a new trailer regarding the latest story mode details for DRAGON BALL FighterZ. A new threat approaches when a troop of clones appear. Warriors suddenly start to fall unconscious with many incidents occuring… Players will be linked to the Super Warriors to discover the hidden truth through the 3 playable Arcs. The Link System allows players to embody different characters, share their minds and even discuss while they live in the same body. By exploring the DRAGON BALL FighterZ map, players will have to make strategical choices. Players can decide to save an ally or find powerful skills to strengthen their relationship with the Super Warriors. Android 21 and Android 16 are key to the story. What do they really want?

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