Don’t Be Afraid Teaser Trailer

Posted on 21 Dec 2017

Sadly we don’t have much info on this one as it’s just a pre-full-reveal teaser. However; we do know that the game was previously known as They’re Watching and has now been retitled to Don’t Be Afraid. In it you’ll explore a kidnapper’s house as 11 year old David, and that there’ll also be “unbelievable creatures” as well as a kidnapper/psychopath. Poor little David is going to be busy.

The “premiere” will be in the second half of 2018, so please don’t hold your breath, that would be bad for your health. Do stay tuned for more info as we get it.

Official Press Release

Premiere will be in a second half of 2018.

Developer: Broken Arrow Games

Publisher: Movie Games

Your name is David, you are 11 years old… and this is the end of your carefree childhood.

The fate of an infant victim is ruthless once it is in the hands of a sadistic psychopath.

If you want to survive, grow up. Quickly.

Main features:

  • Immense world of kidnaper’s house with countless, hidden secrets
  • Additional items to collect, unlocking multiple, extra features
  • The unique perspective of a child as a main character
  • Seriously dangerous enemies and unbelievable creatures
  • Bleak and dark atmosphere of dozen locations enhanced by a mysterious and terrifying drawings, notes and documents set in the game, revealing the story of the house’s warped locators
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