DESTRUCTURE – Announcement

Posted on 21 Apr 2022

Team Instant Defeat and publisher RockGame S.A. have announced DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris which is an Arkanoid meets bullet hell meets air hockey game where players have to destroy garbage and abandoned structures while dodging attacks from angry turrets. Check out the trailer above for a look at the game.

Official Press Release

New post-apocalyptic version of the akranoid game

Destructure: Among Debris

About the game

DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris is an intense mix of brick breaker, air hockey and bullet hell set in a post apocalyptic world. Destroy structures, dodge bullets, fire guns and buy perks to lay even more waste!

In DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris you use the power of (very totally realistic) physics to destroy the world around you. Following a devastating, apocalyptic event, the world is filled with garbage, abandoned structures and angry robot turrets and it is your mission to clean it from this dusty mess.

Watch Trailer

But DESTRUCTURE is no ordinary arkanoid-like game, because the levels fight back! Destroy enough structures and you will alert some bloodthirsty turrets, and trust us, they are definitely not happy to see you. Using all your finesse, you must dodge their bullets, missiles, lasers and other looming dangers and the more you destroy, the more you have to dodge. Bullet hell aficionados rejoice!

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