Decision: Red Daze – New Gameplay Trailer

Posted on 02 Mar 2022 by
Jay Shaw

Developer FlyAnvil and publisher NordCurrent have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming zombie survival, tower defence, crafting, RPG thing Decision: Red Daze which you can watch above. The game is set to release at some point later this year.

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The dev diary series published by FlyAnvil discusses in depth all the design challenges of the unique blend of genres and mechanics of Decision: Red Daze

Decision: Red Daze, by indie developer FlyAnvil and publisher Nordcurrent, offers players a unique blend of genres: deep and engaging survival and crafting mechanics, with lots of options and customization; nerve-wracking tower defense sections that will keep you on the edge of your seat; and the complex character development, thrilling story and unforgettable characters of an RPG. Blurring the boundaries between all these genres, and balancing all its mechanics and peculiarities, aren’t easy feats — you can take a look at this fascinating process in the dev diaries series that FlyAnvil publishes regularly on Decision’s store page.

The first entry of the series went into the combat mechanics of the game, its mix between action RPG and tower defense, and how they evolved from their origin in the first games of this cult franchise. The varied enemies you’ll face in the Dust Bowl, as well as the different bosses, were the protagonists of two entries of the dev diary. The third entry dove deeper into the story and lore of the game, a key aspect of any RPG. In the fourth post, you can read how survival and tower defense mechanics meet in the building of your settlements. And finally (for now), the more action-oriented side of the game is discussed in two entries devoted to the design of its many different weapons, from regular stuff like shotguns and miniguns to more powerful tools of destruction, such as machine guns and flamethrowers.

Follow and wishlist Decision: Red Daze on Steam to stay tuned to its development process and learn more about how it brings together the depth and action of RPGs, the tension of survival and crafting games, and the strategy and planning of tower defense!

Watch Decision: Red Daze’s latest commented gameplay!


Decision: Red Daze is an isometric action RPG with a unique mix of survival and tower defense mechanics. As the Red Daze engulfs the continent, leaving destruction and horribly mutated monsters in its wake, survivors are the only glimmer of hope the human race has. Protect and lead a group of survivors in the infamous Dust Bowl, where the Red Daze is most prevalent; resist the onslaught of the infected while looking for other survivors to expand your base, and trying to find a way to escape the pandemic – and, hopefully, find a cure for it. Feel the adrenaline rush fighting back hordes of horrible zombies, mutants, and other deadly creatures that will try to kill you at sight, explore the world in search of new allies, find and upgrade deadly weapons, craft increasingly powerful defense mechanisms to keep your settlements safe. Don’t low your guard, danger is never far away.


  • Experience a unique blend of action roleplay, survival, and tower defense mechanics that will keep you at the edge of your seat.
  • Explore a huge map in search of new allies and valuable resources: anyone you find out there is a potential hero!
  • Adapt to an alive, dangerous world with a day-and-night cycle that affects the gameplay experience profoundly
  • Capture new settlements and upgrade them to host more survivors.
  • Build defenses to keep your settlements safe from the endless waves of enemies.
  • Find potential heroes with their own specialized classes and talents to recruit, so they can join you every time you go outside to explore.
  • Try a wide selection of brutal weapons to mow down your enemies.
  • Craft new equipment and gear to better equip your survivors.

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