Dawn of War III Hammer Time

Posted on 09 Jul 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

Relic are returning to the no holds barred 40k geek pleaser, that is the Dawn Of War series. If you’re unaware of this amazing RTS achievement, then please enrol on a computing course for beginners. Once you’ve mastered the basic mouse movements, along with left and right clicking, ask a friend to help you install Steam then just buy DoW (all of them preferably) and get stuck in. But for everyone else, I expect you’re already aware of the momentous news that is DoW III, and you’re probably somewhere between the fourth and seventh stages of fanaticism shown in the chart below.

Level of Gamerness

It looks like Relic have done it again and, as prophesized by the great poet MC – you can’t touch this (except of course for a few lucky Journos/YouTubers). While the rest of us hopefuls have to wait until next year before we can taste this heretical stomping goodness, we can save our appetites for a while with a look at this latest footage from the game’s demo that was show to us during E3.

It’s important to note that balance, UI and other features are still likely to change a lot before release. The demo is narrated, and is part of the games campaign. It introduces us to The Space Marines, The Eldar, heroes, base building, Titans and much more. Enjoy.

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