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Posted on 30 Jun 2022

Indie developers DarKnot Team have announced DarKnot, a psychological horror game set in an endless labyrinth of city streets. There’s a bit of mystery over just what makes it a horror game but finding out is half the fun. A demo is available via Steam right now and the game will be launching into Early Access later this year.

Official Press Release

DarKnot Coming to Steam Early Access in 2022

Non-linear psychological horror game

June 29, 2022 – Indie game studio DarKnot Team is announcing that their game DarKnot will be launching on Steam Early Access this year.

DarKnot is a third-person, non-linear psychological horror game experience, focusing on a high level of detail and immersion. The DarKnot world is gloomy and terrifying.

DarKnot is set in a labyrinth made from the streets of a huge city. You have been abandoned, left alone, and you’ll have to face death in this endless labyrinth. They seem deceptively calm at first but the truth is much darker than that.

You can play the game the way you want, as a Warrior, an Explorer, a Survivor, or as a Fugitive. Currently, a demo version of DarKnot is available on Steam for you to experience a snippet of the game.

DarKnot Team has heavily focused on reworking different game locations and levels. The Apartment has received a substantial update and a lot of new mechanics to make DarKnot a lot more immersive. Some other changes include:

  • Added the ability for NPCs to aim down (they were limited to a horizontal point of aime previously).
  • Added voice acting for the cutscene after the ritual completion.
  • Added an inspection of the fallen frame.
  • Added the live camera effect and the open window effect.
  • Added sounds for doors – clicking the door handle, slamming it shut, and creaking when opening.
  • Added physics: the doors now are interactive.
  • Added the sound of burning paper notes.
  • Added more hints to the book describing the “Ritual of Immersion”.
  • Added sound to candles.
  • Sound occlusion has been added when the windows are closed.
  • Tuned the attenuation: when approaching an open window, the sounds of the thunderstorm increase.


  • The awakening cutscene has been fixed.
  • Worked out animations for the cultist’s hands.
  • Fixed errors in the ritual description’s text on the table.
  • Fixed the sitting animations for the child.


  • Replayability: We use immersive simulation, and design the lore in a way where you will be able to shape your story for a new experience every time you play the game.
  • Hardcore: Survival will not be easy. Each death will affect the plot of your story, and change the way you will continue your playthrough.
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