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Posted on 30 May 2017 by
L Coulsen

Procedural, but not random. The Long Journey Home takes you, quite literally, clear across the other side of the universe. After your first faster-than-light (FTL) jump goes a bit awry, you find your crew of four stranded in unknown territory, rapidly running out of supplies and with your ship a bit on the FUBAR side.

Boasting two novels worth of dialogue, your task is to find your way back to a place you recognize… and not die. Along the way, you will encounter fifteen different alien species. Each of which will respond in different ways to your actions. Such as some seeing your shields raised as a sign of respect, and others as a sign of hostility.

The game is constructed in a such a way that an average playthrough will be about 6-8 hours, but will only contain around a fifth of the total content available. Meaning that repeat play is not only encouraged, but actually offers a lot of incentive. From meeting different aliens, that may even react a little differently to you next time around, to choosing your crew of four from the ten available.

Even the very act of flying the ship is a hazard. With navigation being inspired by the very real dangers we already know about interstellar travel. Black holes, rough weather when landing on a planet, and the afore mentioned aliens deciding you look like tasty din-dins. The Long Journey Home is advertising itself as a hard RPG, but truthfully, there’s a strong roguelike element. Definitely not one to jump into for a relaxing time, but with a lot of appeal to the gluttons for punishment among us, who want to face a real, and very rewarding, challenge every time we warm up the FTL coils.

The Long Journey Home releases today on GoG and Steam at a $39.99 price point and certainly promises a lot of return for your investment. What more can you ask for?

Official Press Release

Daedalic’s highly anticipated space exploration RPG “The Long Journey Home“ out now

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 — Daedalic’s The Long Journey Home is out now on Steam for Windows PC at the price of $39.99. In this space exploration RPG, players command a 4-person crew that ends up lost on the other side of the universe after the first light jump goes horribly wrong. Stranded with a rapidly deteriorating ship and dwindling supplies, players must manage the politics of different alien races, the limited yet valuable resources at their disposal, and the survival of the ship all while trying to bring the crew home.

Andreas Suika, lead game designer for The Long Journey Home, explains the idea behind the game: “Being lost and alone is a fear we can all appreciate. Now, imagine being on the other side of the universe, alone, low on resources, never knowing what awaits after the next jump. The Long Journey Home taps into that primal longing for home, while also providing a colourful, comic universe that players will have a blast exploring and returning to.”

Starting your journey

Lead Your Crew: Pick 4 out of 10 possible characters, from astronaut Kirsten to expert pilot Malcolm. Harness their unique skills and personalities to uncover the mysteries of the universe, salvaging lost wrecks, raiding ancient tombs, and investigating alien artefacts.

Real Flying: Flying in space is a bit complicated…really, we looked it up. “The Long Journey Home” provides a flying experience with actual planetary gravity, which can be difficult to master but can also be used to your advantage. Flying in Long Journey Home is a bit different than in many other space games. Be careful not to be sucked into a black hole or outmaneuvered by an alien warship!

Lost in Translation: Meet and try and befriend fifteen strange alien races – four empires out of eight, plus assorted smaller civilisations in every game. Will they appreciate you approaching with raised shields as a sign of respect, or see it as an aggressive display? Can you win their respect, and with it, their assistance? With over two novels worth of dialogue, you’ll feel part of a living universe full of memorable characters and big decisions.

Weigh Your Options: Players have to land on planets in order to gather resources. By doing so, you always risk damaging the landing unit or even losing a crew member. Be sure to carefully consider the risks involved in every reward. Andreas Suika notes that “‘The Long Journey Home’ is about making the right decisions. When you alone are in space, there is no room for wasteful choices. It’s important to remember: always think twice and once you’ve made a decision, be ready to deal with the consequences.”

Procedural, not Random: Although most of the game is procedurally generated, there are no random aspects in it. For example, dialogues with aliens may vary in different playthroughs but the lore behind each race is very much consistent. Quests or reactions might change, but their core attitude and character always stays the same.

Same Game, Different Journey: Thanks to the variety of the key elements of the game, the experience can be very different with every new run. Players can expect to see about 20% of the possible content in one run which should only take about 6 – 8 hours.

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