Community Inc Has Been Announced

Posted on 08 Jun 2017

From indie game developers, TinyBuild, comes the announcement of their ambitious city building management game, Community Inc. Players are free to build a thriving community, controlling every aspect along the way to make a profit to continue their settlements rise to glory. Mixing together two of the most famous city building/micro management series, Sims and SimCity, into a wonderful blend of awesomeness. Currently set to launch sometime this Summer, take a moment to sign up for Alpha access to tinker around and watch Community Inc evolve.

Official Press Release

Community Inc is all about building a thriving community, and trading with other races… for profit!

I have a confession to make. City building/management games are my weakness. I’ve shamelessly spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in modded versions of SimCity. There’s something really soothing about putting processes in place, and seeing a city grow.

This is why I’m extremely excited about Community Inc, a game about building a village in a surreal, serene world filled with enchanting creatures. It plays like a merge between Sims and SimCity. You get into the micro management level of each and every NPC, and need to monitor their individual stats — all the while building a thriving community, and figuring out if you want to be fighting creatures around you, or make mutually beneficial deals.

The short-quick-facts-list-thing:

  • Community Inc is a city builder/community management game
  • Steam page now live and has tons of information
  • Announcement trailer live
  • Alpha sign-ups open
  • Will be showcased at E3 on Wednesday June 14th 7-11pm at The Mix Showcase
  • Open alpha will start right after E3
  • Coming this summer to PC

We’re excited to get this into your hands very soon!

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