City of Gangsters – Supply & Demand Gameplay

Posted on 06 Nov 2020

The first in a new video series for upcoming mafia sim City of Gangsters gives a look at new gameplay and the delicate balance of supply and demand required for running a profitable criminal empire. City of Gangsters is releasing in 2021.

Official Press Release

New Video Series Debuts City of Gangsters Gameplay

Key features of the upcoming mafia management sim revealed.

Leicester, UK – 5th November 2020

Kasedo Games and SomaSim are pleased to announce the launch of a new video series which will cover all the exciting and in-depth features of mafia management sim, City of Gangsters.

In the very first in-depth look at City of Gangsters gameplay, episode one focuses on the supply and demand element of the game, where you can see the total control that you will have over every facet of your back-door booze operation.

From setting up production chains, to sniffing out gaps in the market and pouncing on illicit money-making opportunities before an enemy crew, you’ll know everything you’ll need to begin your own criminal empire in 1920s Prohibition-era USA.

WATCH: Episode 1: ‘Supply and Demand’

Future episodes will be available each month, the next focussing on making criminal connections and building trust within the neighbourhood.

Join the City of Gangsters discord channel to get all the latest info and video features when they go live.

City of Gangsters is available to wishlist now.


  • Well-organized crime: Get started in the booze biz by hocking some homemade hooch. Start your own stills, and find raw materials to supply them. Learn new techniques to make expensive drinks, or smuggle imported booze to fuel your growing operation.

  • You gotta know a guy: On the black market, social currency matters as much as the greenback. With cops and feds sniffing around, trust is everything and personal introductions are worth their weight in gold. So work your connections to find profitable new friends, and get people who owe you favors to put in a good word.

  • You can’t do it alone: You will need plenty of hands to open new fronts, do delivery runs, and protect your product from envious rivals.

  • The walls have ears: But proceed carefully, because everyone is always observing what you’re doing, and family members stick up for each other. Whether you send your people to harass someone, or to help them, you can be sure they’ll remember it down the line.

  • Getting territorial: As your outfit grows, convince locals that your goods and theirs will be looked after. Territory under your control will provide a safety net, an income base, and a wealth of opportunities for further growth and expansion.

  • This era belongs to you: You’ve grabbed the opportunity by the horns, and the city is yours for the taking. But you only have a few years to make your mark on history, to build the largest, most profitable crime syndicate, take over your competition, and rule the entire city.

  • Because after 1933, it will be all over, alcohol will be legal again. And doing business fair and square, well, everybody knows that’s not where the real money is.

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