Care to Meet the President?

Posted on 21 Jan 2017 by
Jordan Fong

How would you like to meet the now President of the United States, Donald Trump in virtual reality? Well to be honest, I suppose I’m tempted. I’m both very confused and oddly intrigued at the prospect that I can simply start a program, put on a VR headset, and see Mr. Trump standing in the oval office.

In fact, I’d offer to say that I’ve been cringing the whole time I’ve been writing this, I simply don’t know how to feel. Wide Awake, the studio behind the experience, invites you to experience “The Donald” on VivePort. “Experience” the Donald, and please, tell us what you think. Something about the prospect of looking at anyone in such a high fidelity just sounds unnerving.

According to the developers at MacInnes Scott on Viveport: “VR is a new medium with the potential of being a movie or video game, a combination of both or something completely new,” says John MacInnes. “We see Trump In VR as art – a tableau vivant, in the American tradition of artists like Edward Hooper in painting, Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman in photography. Unlike a painting and photography, you can interact with the art in virtual reality.

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