Bartlow’s Dread Machine – Announcement

Posted on 22 May 2020

Here’s a weird one; it’s 1907 and Teddy Roosevelt has been kidnapped by Anarcho-Satanists, you’re a Secret Service robot, and it all takes place in a mechanical arcade machine. Points to Beep Games and Tribetoy for sheer lunacy. The first three worlds will be releasing as part of Early Access via Steam in July. Check out the press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

President Teddy Roosevelt has been kidnapped! Only you — a Secret Service agent made of tin — can save him from the Anarcho-Satanists intent on ruining the American way of life.

This is the premise of Bartlow’s Dread Machine, an arcade shooter coming to PC and Xbox One this fall… but President Roosevelt can’t wait that long!

That’s why developers Beep Games and Tribetoy will release the game’s first three worlds on Steam Early Access in July. Check out the new gameplay trailer below and read on for more details.


New gameplay trailer:

Steam page:

About Bartlow’s Dread Machine

Set inside a mechanical arcade cabinet circa 1907, Bartlow’s Dread Machine is a fast-paced arcade shooter that gives new meaning to the phrase “old school.”

Shoot down tin zombies, mechanical bad guys, and clockwork bosses in a rapid-fire chase across the United States to rescue the President and preserve the American Dream. Future generations are counting on you!

Game Features

  • Single-player and couch co-op modes, so you can play solo or team up with a trusted friend

  • Whimsical visual style that pits tin toys against taxing enemies across a side-scrolling, penny arcade-inspired landscape

  • Fun storyline set in a bizarre version of early twentieth century United States

  • Upgrades galore: tons of guns, hats, and items to level up your character

  • So much variety! Travel through six era-appropriate locales; customize your character’s gender and skin tone; unlock and play as famous historical figures like Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, and Zombie General Custer

  • More than meets the eye? There are rumors that A. H. Bartlow, the original inventor of this incredible device, went mad while he was building it…

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