Armada Gets a Release Delay and Extra Races

Posted on 25 Mar 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

Due to balancing issues and player feedback Tindalos have just pushed back the release date for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada from the end of March to the 21st of April.

So far Beta players for BFG: Armada have been enjoying putting the Imperium and the Chaos races through their paces. To make up for the slight release delay, Tindalos have unlocked the Orks too. Things are about to get brutal!

As well as being irritatingly tough and just plain ugly, Orks bring some unique tactics to W40k (usually close combat or suicidal), but more importantly they bring a lot of comedy too. The fourth race in Armada, is the Eldar, they are still locked until release, but are the ones I’m looking forward to the most.

As well as these four races, players who have pre-ordered BFG: Armada, will be given access to a fifth team eventually. Hopefully though they will also be offered to new players after release, possibly as DLC.

There is also one final Race that Tindalos have just announced for BFG: Armada, but who they are is still a mystery. There are three possibilities for this sixth race, either Tau, young idealistic and advanced alien race, Necrons, immortal soul stealing machines, or the Tyranids, think alien but grosser and with living spaceships. The most surprising thing about this unknown team is that will be given to the pre-order players for free!

If you want to know more about the state of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, in its Beta state, stay tuned. Pixel Judge will be releasing a preview of the game soon.

Official Press Release

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Orks destroy everything in video celebrating their arrival to the beta in the coming days

Battlefleet Gothic beta participants have already had a brief taste of the Ork’s devastating potential, when they faced them during the last mission of the prologue.

The Orks will be arriving at full speed in the coming days to shake up the beta’s intense battles even further. The total opposite of Chaos’ long-range gameplay and the Imperium’s balanced style, the Orks fight in the most direct, brutal (and fun!) way possible. Players will be able to wield the Orks’ mighty power in beta skirmishes, before ramming enemy ships in multiplayer.

All of this is illustrated in today’s trailer, which gives a fittingly loud introduction for the Orks. Supported by a primal void-shanty heard on every battlefield they’re invading, these destruction specialists take a wild pleasure in abolishing enemy fleets, leaving behind only metal scraps and burning carcasses.

Romain Clavier, Game Director of Tindalos explains:

“It’s a huge pleasure for a young studio like ours to see Battlefleet Gothic gather so much interest from so many players. The beta has been incredibly helpful in spotting relevant demands from the community. Following this huge response we’ve made the decision to spend some additional time integrating your feedback into the game. As a consequence, we will release Battlefleet Gothic: Armada on April 21st.

Based on that, we felt the need to release more content, both to reward current Battlefleet players and to introduce even more madness to this beta! As a result, we’ve decided to unleash the Orks in the coming days. This faction will turn your Battlefleet Gothic: Armada experience upside-down, with a totally different, more brutal style of gameplay. Having them in the beta will also allow us to balance them perfectly before the game releases.

There’s another important thing we’d like to announce. Currently, the Space Marines fleet is offered for free to all Early Adopters. With the support of our publisher Focus, we’ve decided to develop another faction that we’ll unveil soon. This new faction, available in a few months, will also be offered for free to all Early Adopters – people who pre-ordered the game or purchase it during the first two months after release. We wanted to show you, the community, that we’re passionate about supporting this game and its players. We’re always paying attention to your feedback, and this is how together we’ll make the game we’ve all dreamt about.”

Preorder Battlefleet Gothic: Armada’s Early Adopters Edition at 10% off, and receive the Space Marines fleet + one additional fleet (more info coming soon) for free, as well as instant access to the beta, which will continue until the game releases. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will release April 21st on PC.

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