Arena Combat Shooter ‘JackHammer’ Announced

Posted on 18 Jul 2017

In the future, where humanity struggles to conquer their long fought war against boredom, comes the deadly competitive sport of JackHammer, a brutal game of dodgeball… with robots!!! Today, Green Man Gaming and Mission Ctrl Studios announce their futuristic arena FPS game is coming to Steam Early Access later this year.

Players will need to utilize various athletic robot skills, in tandem with their own lightning-fast reflexes, in order to come out on top of this frantic, skill-based, combat-arena sports shooter. Powered by the fantastic Unreal Engine 4, with fully customizable robotic athletes for you to create, and packed with plenty of trick shots and rebounding action. Keep an eye out for JackHammer if you’re looking for some fun.

Official Press Release


Military Technology Corporations Pit Their State-Of-The-Art Robot Weapons Against Each Other In Frantic Arena Combat
London, UK, 18th July 2017 – Green Man Gaming Publishing and Mission Ctrl Studios today announce the futuristic arena first person shooter JackHammer, to be released in Early Access for PC later this year.

Set in a future where televised sport has escalated, the latest event to take the world by storm is JackHammer. Robots covered in their sponsors’ logos enter into an arena and engage in an explosive, deadly form of dodgeball in front of adoring, paying fans.

JackHammer encourages players to hone their futuristic sporting prowess by employing skillful play, from trick shots to rebounds, and use superhuman athletic ability to own the arena.

JackHammer is a project driven by a love for high-octane, skill-based games. Bringing our game to PC is a hugely exciting step, and we look forward to engaging with players and continuing to develop JackHammer into a truly unique experience,” said Tom, Developer at Mission Ctrl Studios.

JackHammer is a core, first person experience that relies on lightning fast reaction times and pure skill. Presented with glorious graphics, great action and plenty of customization, it’s shaping up to be a key title when it launches in Early Access later this year,” said Gary Rowe, EVP Publishing at Green Man Gaming.

Game Description

JackHammer is a fast-paced FPS experience, where reactions and reflexes are the only thing that stands between you and your enemies.

In the near future, military tech corporations form the International Robotics Combat Association, pitting their state-of-the-art humanoid weapons against one another in arenas around the globe. Robots launch iridium-alloy MurderBalls at their opponents to the roar of adoring (and paying) fans.

Broadcast throughout the world, JackHammer is a frantic and ferocious game of survival for the athletes unfortunate enough to be enlisted.

  • High-octane multiplayer future sports in purpose-built combat arenas
  • Fully customizable robotic armors allow you to create your own unique combatant
  • Blast, shunt and grapple your way through online rankings and prove your mettle
  • Hone your skills and prove your mastery with trick shots, rebounds and superhuman agility.
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4 – demolishing 900 pound robots never felt so good!
  • A pumping electronic soundtrack provides the score for robot slaying arena action.

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