Aquanox: Deep Descent – Explanation Trailer

Posted on 13 Oct 2020

A new trailer for underwater 6 degrees of freedom shooter Aquanox: Deep Descent seeks to explain just what’s going on in the briny deep besides all the fish poop. Check it out above. Aquanox: Deep Descent is releasing on 16 October 2020 for PC.

Official Press Release

Deep Sea Explanation: New Trailer Tells You What Aquanox Deep Descent is All About

Vienna, Austria / Novi Sad, Serbia, October 13th, 2020: For veteran gamers, the Aquanox franchise is well-known for its underwater action and dystopian future setting. But not everyone is well acquainted with the series from its debut in 2001. What if you could take a more detailed look at the upcoming underwater vehicle combat shooter, and learn about its features and story in a handy little video that explains what the game is all about? We think that’s a really good idea and that’s why we’ve created the new explanation trailer to answer the most important questions about the game in just four minutes. Enjoy, watch, and get ready to enter the unforgiving world of Aquanox: Deep Descent on October 16th on your PC. The SRP for the digital version is € 29.99 / $ 29.99 and there is a limited edition available, too.

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