Anno 2205: Frontiers DLC

Posted on 05 Oct 2016 by
Lee Braden

A new DLC is out for Anno 2205 and it’s a big one, with some new and interesting items, prepare to push the frontiers.

The Frontiers DLC also comes with a large patch, below are the quick patch notes, for a full read through, along with a look at the new sectors, head on over to the patch notes on the official forum, without further ado, the patch notes:

  • New Sector: Madrigal Islands, this map has several islets and a sector project to rebuild an abandoned spaceport.
  • New Sector: Greentide Archipelago, this map has numerous small islands and a mysterious sealed off facility in it.
  • New Sector: Savik Province, a large arctic continental plate, contains geysers that can be harnessed for energy.
  • Military Invasions: The Orbital Watch no longer sit and watch you raid them, they’ll  now attack your settlements.
  • Synthetics. Regain a lost technology and upgrade your estates with Synthetics to revolutionize your workforce.
  • New Corporation Logos, 4 new designs to personalise your corporation.
  • 16 new Achievements waiting for you to unlock.

Frontiers Interface Changes:

  • Strategy Map new sectors added, the Assignment List will have new Invasions so you can defend your shipping.
  • Sector UI has a “Call Fleet” button when invasions occur, adding the military ship UI when your fleet is around.
  • Residence UI has been updated for dealing with Synthetics when building their homes.

For those people who don’t have the new Frontiers DLC and for those who want to know what the 2.3Gb patch included, here’s the list of the patch notes, it’s quite big:

  • Starting sectors now include Wildwater bay if you have that DLC.
  • 21 new Corporation titles that will carry onto the maximum level of 300..
  • Reworked Sector Selection UI for new corporations
  • New difficulty options added to the menu when customising at start for new corporations

Important Balancing Changes:
This update introduces many pervasive and extensive balancing changes! While a corporation update is possible for all save files, it is possible that your economy will not recover. You can decide if you want to update an existing corporation, but keep in mind that the challenge can be quite tough. Use the difficulty settings to set up the challenge level you like. All changes apply to all corporations once updated.

  • Stock Market share effect can be customised as well in the difficulty setting.
  • Modules require standard construction materials instead of rare materials on new Corporations or upgraded ones.
  • New options in regards to the new invasion feature has been added.
  • Rebalancing of military ships has been done, both to enemy and your own fleets.
  • Achievement menu has been changed to accommodate the new achievements.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Ornaments now draw smaller crowds and building several at once no longer creates blank spaces in between.
  • Object menus of modules now display all Sector Trait effects, fixed info tip bug along with trade route warnings.
  • Escort craft now have the correct cursor used.
  • Icons have been fixed on the Strategy map.
  • Localization has been fixed in several places.

So, a big patch, hope people are up to the new task, lets have fun, and make some money.

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