AMD Ryzen CPUs Available for Pre-Orders

Posted on 22 Feb 2017 by
Nail Garejev

Since Intel’s introduction of Core 2 CPUs, back in 2006, they have been keeping a serious single core performance advantage over AMD’s offerings. Even with the very slow performance gains during last several generations, Intel’s quad core CPUs were far enough ahead to outperform AMD’s best Bulldozer and Excavator CPUs in most scenarios. While games are getting better at utilising six and more cores, only few Intel hexa-core CPUs can be even considered affordable. AMD has been trying to close this per-core performance gap with Ryzen and it seems that they were successful. AMD proudly says that they were aiming to beat Excavator CPU IPC by 40%, but have managed 52% improvement.

The first Ryzen CPUs are all high end 8 core/16 thread parts carrying Ryzen 7 designation. Ryzen 7 1700 has 3.0 GHz base clock with 3.7 GHz boost, 65 W TDP and costs $329. 3.4/3.8 GHz 1700X costs $399, while 3.6/4.0 GHz 1800X costs $499. Both “X series” CPUs support XFR (eXtended Frequency Range) and have a higher 95 W TDP for better overclocking.

AMD have provided internal Cinebench benchmark results, which are the best case scenario for parallel multi-core performance. In it, 1700X was 39% faster than hexa-core 3.4/3.6 GHz i7-6800K ($410) and just 1% slower than octa-core 3.2/3.7 GHz i7-6900K ($1050). This puts it around 5% behind Broadwell IPC, but at current prices it seems like an amazing value proposition. While quad-core Intel CPUs are several architectures ahead of their 6+ parts, Skylake was just 3% IPC improvement, while Kaby Lake only improved the clock speeds. Coffee Lake still staying on 14 nm does not promise any dramatic improvements either.

Ryzen CPUs are set to become available to everyone on March 2nd and we will see independent benchmarks then. Unless AMD applied an extreme level of sugar coat to their numbers, we will finally see a competitive market of high performance PC CPUs this year.

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