AMD Announces Radeon Pro Duo

Posted on 19 Mar 2016 by
Nail Garejev

When AMD announced R9 Fury X in June 2015, they have also demonstrated a dual chip version on the stage. While an air-cooled R9 Fury and tiny R9 Fury Nano launched soon after, the dual chip card has not materialised in 2015. AMD have finally announced their Dual Fiji at this year’s GDC.

Radeon Pro Duo has two Fiji XT GPUs (same GPUs as in Fury X) and 8 GB of stacked HBM VRAM (4 GB per chip). While precise card specifications have not been announced yet, AMD’s photos of the card give some hints. Pro Duo is not a very long card, likely shorter than Nvidia’s single-GPU GTX 980 Ti. However, it is higher that standard PCI-Express graphics cards and might not fit in some cases. While it is usual for dual GPU cards to use a lot of power, Pro Duo may break all previous records. While power requirements have not been announced yet, the card has three 8-pin power ports.

AMD advertises Pro Duo as the card for VR developers with a price tag of $1499. While more expensive than two Fury X cards, having a single water-cooling block rather than two might be worth the extra tag. The planned release date is early Q2 2016. While developers might need all the graphics performance as soon as possible, for the most people waiting until new 14/16 nm GPUs might be a better option.

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