Alaskan Truck Simulator Announcement

Posted on 04 Oct 2018

Alaskan Truck Simulator, by developers Westend Studio, is a truck driving/survival simulator based on the Discovery Channel series. The game is due for release in the middle of 2019 and you can check out the press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

I just want to share with you our special, new upcoming title – Alaskan Truck Simulator.

Premiere will be in the middle of 2019.



It’s our new project with DISCOVERY CHANNEL, on its license, after our very popular Gold Rush: The Game:


Get behind the wheels of huge machines and into the boots of the Alaskan truckers, challenge and be challenged by one of the most harsh and dangerous environments.

Experience the work of those brave men and women on the risky and unsafe roads of Alaska or make your own however you can to complete your errands,

fighting against constantly changing weather, depleting supplies, hunting for food and being hunted, exploring the vast,

dangerous and cold climate, gain recognition among the community and face whatever encounters you on the roads.

See if you can survive long enough to fully experience the raw beauty and wildness of the Alaska.


  • – Dynamic weather system with Day/Night cycle
  • – Vast interactive environment to explore
  • – Living ecosystem
  • – Distinctive economy
  • – Survival system
  • – Fractions and respect
  • – Useful knowledge to gain and mysteries to discover
  • – Crafting, upgrading, repairing just hack it!
  • – WILDlife
  • – Plenty of roads to dig and tread
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