Agony – Agony Mode Revealed

Posted on 22 May 2018

Agony, upcoming hellish horror game, will have an additional mode: Agony Mode. In the new mode the game will have new features like procedurally generated chambers to test your survival skills against. You’ll be faced with random quests and challenges, players will have an option to choose their gender, and a global leaderboard will keep track of your scores. Check out the press release below for the full info.

Official Press Release

Agony – Additional Mode revealed

22 May 2018 – Madmind Studios revealed today more information about the Agony Mode which adds additional features to the critically acclaimed horror game Agony which will launch on May 29th for PlayStation®4, Xbox One the all in one entertainment system from Microsoft as well as PC.

Agony Mode Trailer on YouTube:

The additional game mode will add procedurally generated chambers for the players to test their hellish surivival skills. In mysterious labyrinths made of human bones or frosted ice chambers players will face random quest and challenges. They might be tasked to collect ten figurines which are spread around the level. Despite the main story mode of the game the players can choose on the gender of their character and the game ends with the death of the players, calculating their score. To drive the challenge to a global level all scores will be displayed on a worldwide leader board.

When players achieve their given quest objectives and make their way to the mysterious “Red Chamber” – implemented in each procedural generated level they can add additional points to their score by generating additional chambers to test his skills or even go back replaying the given level as one of the notorious Succubus!

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