Age of Ashes Gets a Hoardly Update

Posted on 26 Apr 2023 by
L Coulsen

Featuring some rebalancing and new game modes, Century: Age of Ashes continues to add to its hoard of features. ‘Cause we all know how much dragons like to get them goodies. Lazing around, basking in the sun, torching entire villages and all that good stuff. Check the full details below.

Official Press Release


With Season 2: The Fate Of Dragons well underway in the free-to-play competitive dragon shooter, Century: Age Of Ashes sees further in-game updates take flight in which Dragoneers can prove their skills. This update is now live and will be across all platforms.

BORDEAUX, FRANCE – 26th April 2023, — Independent game developer, Playwing, are proud to reveal their latest in-game updates, giving players plenty of new content to nosedive right into. Heed the call of dragons, go forth and conquer your foes!

Please see below for what’s upcoming in Century: Age Of Ashes:

The Colosseum event: From Friday 28th 8:00 UTC to Thursday 18th 8:00 UTC, confront other dragon riders in a variety of beloved game modes and compete in numerous sets of challenges. All game mode variants will be active during the entirety of the event, picked randomly during matchmaking.

Kingslayer: This puts a twist on the game mode Carnage, where both teams have a Dragoneer crowned as King under Berserk. Earn points by eliminating the enemy King all while defending yours at all costs. Your team will score points when the King completes his reign, and when a king is eliminated or completes his reign, another king will be randomly crowned, so be ready to potentially take the crown!

Plunder: In this Spoils of War variant, partake in daring heists as both teams can steal gold directly from the enemy coffers, all while a limited and much fewer number of Gold Carriers will spawn. (Bombs are not available in Plunder mode)

Daily Victory Rewards: In this first step of introducing a more rewarding progression system, Dragoneers will now daily receive Iron Coins, according to their victory count of the day.

1st victory of the day: 50 Iron Coins

5th victory of the day: 100 Iron Coins

10th victory of the day: 150 Iron Coins

Balancing: All character classes will also see some rebalancing according to player feedback and data recently gathered. More details about values and specificities will follow in the coming days! As well as class rebalancing, some gameplay changes will also be taking place:

Global respawn time decreased from 9s to 6s

Cooldown of Shield Pickups increased from 20 to 25 seconds

Number of Shield Pickups and Wind Blessings will be divided by 2 on every maps

Players won’t start Carnage games with a Shield anymore

Allies indicator: For the purpose of bettering teamplay and gameplay ergonomics, every character class will now be able to see their allies’ positions, as it currently is in PvE mode. Allies will be marked by a blue circle indicator, which will be green for allies from your squad.

Gear up, prepare to soar to new heights, and uncover hidden mysteries in Century with this upcoming update!

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