A New Dawn of Iron Fishes

Posted on 12 Apr 2017 by
Lee Braden

The first big update to Dean Edwards and BeefJack’s underwater horror game, Iron Fish, is now live, going by the title of ‘New Dawn’ and hoping to bring along some new goodies for everyone to enjoy.

The “Walking Simulator but Underwater” as it has been called by a few Steam reviewers, aka Iron Fish, has been given a huge boost today, along with some functionality for Virtual Reality being added over the coming months. New Dawn will mostly give us those minor fixes that can really frustrate a gamer, and occasionally stop progress, this update has been taken from the most active bug reports on the forums.

We have as a quick overview:

  • Story Mode difficulty reduced to allow players to progress further
  • Added new mouse functionality
  • Improved UI and UX
  • Revamped non-controller input
  • More hints and tutorials
  • Improved visuals for picked up items

This comes with a few minor fixes and hints that should make the game better for those that play it or want to buy it after a bit more polish. So, if you like what is billed as an ‘Underwater Horror’ game that is as some have said “Firewatch but underwater” and “Not fair to compare it to Subnautica or SOMA” then stick it on your wish list, or if you are ready to take the Early Access plunge…go buy it!

I just hope you won’t need a brown swimsuit.

Official Press Release

London – April 12th 2017: The developers behind submergent horror title Iron Fish have announced the next evolution of the title with the release of the ‘New Dawn’ patch.

After first dipping their toes into the murky horrors of the abyss back in October, the driving force behind Iron Fish – creator Dean Edwards and game director Shaun Leach – have assembled a new VR-focused development team to bring the next wave of terror to the deep.

Drawing it’s inspiration from the likes of survival horror classics Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill, Iron Fish is a nautical nightmare that puts you in the diving boots of deep sea explorer Cerys whose mission is to find out exactly what lies beneath the surface…

The New Dawn patch corrects many of the game’s niggling bugs and in turn delivers huge improvements when it comes to playability and system optimization. The update, which is available now, brings new navigation controls well as making numerous bug fixes and general enchantments.

The New Dawn patch is a result of direct feedback from the gaming community, and promises to make the game more playable – and terrifying – than ever.

Features of the patch include:

  • Story mode difficulty reduced to allow players to more easily progress through game.
  • Added mouse functionality.
  • Improved UI and UX.
  • Revamped input for mouse and keyboard.
  • More mission hints and tutorials.
  • Fixed various bugs that prevented players from progressing through game.
  • Fixed mission hints which pointed you in the wrong direction.
  • Visual improvements of pick-up items.
  • Improved overall performance of the game.

The New Dawn patch is the first in a series of updates that the new development team will be releasing. Along with the new patches, the much anticipated VR update is planned for release Q2.

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