REVIEWS 22 May 2019­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

Katana ZERO

Devolver Digital has increasingly been becoming the go-to publisher when it comes to small indie titles, but Askiisoft had a lot to prove with their very first externally published Steam game. Katana Zero, a neo-noir game following the life and assassinations of a mysterious drug-infused samurai might be what makes or breaks Askiisoft depending on…
GAME PROFILE 18 May 2019 by Jay

Katana ZERO

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Fear Effect Sedna Releasing March

Long awaited sequel to cult favourite game, Fear Effect is set to launch sooner than we could have predicted. Fear Effect Sedna will feature the original cast of characters, Hana, Deke, Glas, and Rain. They'll be thrust into a world of Inuit mythology and isometric tactical battles. Check out the press release below for more…

Fear Effect Sedna Gets PC Requirements

In the latest Kickstarter update, Sushee have shown what you will need under the hood to run long awaited sequel Fear Effect Sedna on a PC. Not that much, which isn't really all that surprising, but it's still good to know. Have a shuftie for yourself. MINIMUM: OS: Windows 8 Processor: Intel® CoreTM I5-4460 3.20Ghz…
REVIEWS 09 Dec 2017­ by Sawyer Scherbenske


RUINER comes to us from Reikon Games and Devolver Digital, and is proof that hitting bad guys with pipes will still be a thing even in gritty, cyberpunk futures. No matter how satisfying whacking bad guys is though, can it last for the 6-8 hour gameplay time? And can a relatively simple and linear beat-em-up like RUINER really…

Fear Effect Sedna Has a Release Window

Fear Effect Sedna has been given a release window of early 2018. Confirmed by a Devlog on its crowdfunding campaign. Note, that's a release window, not a release date. The final build of the Kickstarted horror sequel has been compiled and sent to Squeenix for QA. More accurately, it's been sent to Squeenix so they…

Ruiner Advanced Loadouts Trailer

We're still in the process of finalising our review for RUINER but it's a good looking game in motion so we decided to share the above trailer with you so you can see the kind of cyberpunk murder we've been up to for the last few days. Hint: It involves a lot of red, that's…
PREVIEWS 05 Sep 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: RUINER

In 2091, technology is inescapable. Years of advancement have coalesced in a post-human society where rogues and miscreants can hack and control unprotected augments, send them into murderous rampages, and generally manipulate them for their own ends. Lives in 2091 are short, violent, and full of vice. This is RUINER, a stylish cyberpunk brawler from…

All Walls Must Fall On Early Access

Kickstarter darling All Walls Must Fall has hit Steam a tad earlier than expected. Via Early Access. Having not only exceeded, but more than tripling its campaign goal of €15k, this intriguing little "Tech-Noir tactics" game is continuing to show ever more promise. It will be interesting to see how the still rather divisive Early…
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All Walls Must Fall

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Fear Effect Sedna

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The Technomancer

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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