NEWS 19 Jan 2023­ by L Coulsen

Blaze It With Coffee Talk 2’s 4/20 Release Date

Coming on the 20th of April, Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly has an official release date. As a tea-blooded Brit, even I can appreciate the coziness of a good cup of Joe in a fantastical world of orcs, succubi and alien hiveminds called Neil. And now we have more to look forward to in…
NEWS 09 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Coffee Talk: Episode 2 Trailer

As a tea-blooded Brit, it pains me to admit this...but Coffee Talk is a cozy little bit of mocha goodness. So, confirmation of a sequel coming in Spring 2023 is something even my Beauty and the Beast tea-cup finds itself looking forward to. I know, I know. But...just look at it.
PREVIEWS 15 Feb 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Necronator: Dead Wrong

Necronator is a deck-building micro-RTS from Toge Productions, but what is a micro-RTS? This genre encompasses games like Minion Masters and Infectonator (also from Toge Productions, abbreviated to TogePro by fans) and is a style of RTS that does away with large maps and base building in favour of simple mechanics like automatic resource procurement,…

Necronator: Dead Wrong – Let’s get MAJORLY EVIL! Tra…

Toge Productions have released a new trailer for their upcoming “micro-RTS” Necronator: Dead Wrong which you can watch above. Necronator is releasing into Steam Early Access on 13 February 2020.
GAME PROFILE 04 Feb 2020 by Jay

Necronator: Dead Wrong

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Coffee Talk – Release Date

Coffee Talk, the game about having conversations and warm drinks, will be releasing on 30 January 2020 for PC and consoles. Check out the press release below for more info, or the new launch trailer above. There's even a demo available via Steam.

Rage In Peace Launching November

You'd think a game about a 27 year old dying would be a downer, but give that trailer above a look and tell us that's not some crazy fun looking death. Rage In Peace will be releasing next month on 8 November 2018 for PC and Switch.

Coffee Talk Announcement

Having a chat over a cup of coffee is a time honoured tradition. Coffee Talk takes this and sets you in the role of a barista brewing coffee and talking with its wild cast of varied characters, including an elf/succubus love story, a struggling writer (because who else are you going to meet in a…
GAME PROFILE 08 Aug 2018 by Jay

Coffee Talk

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Rage In Peace Announcement

Rage games are a genre where you die constantly, like Super Meat Boy for example. So, allow us to introduce the newest rage game: Rage In Peace. It’s coming this fall, so you’ve got plenty of time to stock up on sedatives so you don’t give yourself a heart attack and end up resting in…
GAME PROFILE 31 Jul 2018 by Jay

Rage In Peace

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