Saint Kotar – New Teaser

Saint Kotar is a story driven point and click psychological horror adventure that’s full of cults, murder, and characters going a bit nuts. There’s a new teaser trailer above but if you’re curious there’s actually a year-old prologue demo titled Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask available via Steam. The full game will be launching in…
GAME PROFILE 21 Jul 2021 by Jay

Saint Kotar

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NEWS 30 Jun 2017­ by L Coulsen

AereA, the Musical RPG, Hits Steam Today

Yes, you did indeed read that right, SOEDESCO’s next game is a music themed RPG, with four player co-op no less. Perhaps best know for the Gianna Sisters series, SOEDESCO have a rather interesting catalogue to their name, one might call it eclectic even, and AereA is certainly no exception. With each of the playable…
GAME PROFILE 30 Jun 2017 by Hendrik


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