ANNOUNCEMENT 17 Dec 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Forza Horizon 3 Heads for the Mountains

The Frozen Mountain, that is. The first major expansion came to Turn 10’s Australia-based driving game on December 13th for both Windows 10 and the Xbox One, and it brings new environments, cars, and more to Forza Horizon 3. Some of these new cars coming to Forza Horizon 3 include the 2016 Ford Focus RS RX,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 20 Sep 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Feast Your Eyes on Forza Horizon 3’s Launch Trailer

Never more in my life have I wanted to call it a “lunch trailer,” regardless, Forza Horizon 3 is looking set to tear up the roadways in Australia and beyond, launching this week. Already garnering several perfect scores and many more rave reviews, the trailer showcases the variety of environments and many of the 350…
GAME PROFILE 20 Sep 2016 by

Forza Horizon 3

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