Ys: The Memories of Celceta Comes to PC

We don't talk much about the Ys series here, but we really should, they're amazing games. And now there's one more for the portfolio as previously handheld only title Ys: The Memories of Celceta hits Steam. Available now at a 10% discount until August 1st. Not one to be missed for even the most casual of…
GAME PROFILE 27 Jul 2018 by L

Ys: The Memories of Celceta

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Trails Of Cold Steel 2 Coming To Steam Next Month

JRPG legends Nihon Falcom are bringing The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 2 to the PC next month. The game will have improved framerates, textures, other graphical improvements, ultra-wide resolution support, and the feature to load right into your recent save and bypass the title screen. Additionally, there'll also 50% more voiced lines…
GAME PROFILE 29 Jan 2018 by Jay

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

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Zwei: The Arges Adventure Release Date

We've covered Nihon Falcom's excellent Japanese-only RPG before, back when we told you about them coming to the west with a proper English translation. Well, good news because Zwei: The Arges Adventure (originally released in Japan as Zwei!!) finally has a release date for us; 24 January 2018. Expect to shell out £14.99 and the…

Zwei: The Arges Adventure Coming This Winter

The second English PC entry in the Zwei series, The Arges Adventure, is coming to this winter! Previously only released in Japan as Zwei!! on PC, PS2, and PSP, it's a direct predecessor to the The Ilvard Insurrection. You'll take on the role of socially awkward siblings Pokkle and Pipiro as they chase down a…
GAME PROFILE 02 Dec 2017 by Jay

Zwei: The Arges Adventure

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