PREVIEWS 29 Mar 2019­ by Stephen Haselden

Shortest Trip To Earth

If you haven’t heard of FTL then I recommend that you buy and play it right now (FTL is a brilliant space-based Roguelite, a modern classic, and the kind of game I’d recommend to anyone). All done? Good, Shortest Trip to Earth (STTE) has a lot in common with FTL. But, even though it's still…

Shortest Trip To Earth Releasing to Early Access October

Shortest Trip To Earth, a roguelike spaceship simulator from developers Interactive Fate and publisher Iceberg Interactive, will be entering Steam Early Access on 9 October 2018. You can wishlist the game on Steam right now to be notified when it releases.

Shortest Trip To Earth Announcement

Getting lost in space is a hassle, especially when you’re in a roguelike, there’s the constantly changing world around you, the hordes of stuff trying to kill you, and in Shortest Trip To Earth’s case, the writer of Teleglitch: Die More Edition onboard, so you know you’re going to get murdered a thousand times. Shortest…
GAME PROFILE 31 Jul 2018 by Jay

Shortest Trip To Earth

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