Destiny 2 Announced

Posted on 29 Mar 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The previously console-exclusive MMOFPS game, Destiny, now has a sequel in the works, with a teaser set to come out tomorrow, March 30th.

Although the existence of a sequel was confirmed last month via Activision’s earnings call, and Destiny 2 itself was leaked via Italian Gamestop and another gaming site this past weekend, it was not until Monday that Bungie posted a confirmation image via Twitter, corroborating those rumors and setting the internet alight.

With the brief teaser, we’re also treated to an idea of just what Destiny 2 will cover. Within the teaser, as posted above, Cayde-6, voiced by Nathan Fillion, fresh from his exploits in ‘The Taken King’ expansion, chats up a janitorial robot, and makes light of the rather destructive situation he’s in. There’s a fair bit of levity and personality that wasn’t found in the initial release of Destiny, as was well-reported by nearly everyone. Despite this, we can hope for quality gameplay backed up by better writing this time around.

As far as carrying over saves and characters, in a recent news post, Bungie did confirm that customizations and cosmetics will carry over from the first game, but not gear, as it wouldn’t be unfair to players jumping in for the first time. Considering multiple sources suggest that Destiny 2 will indeed come to PC, this isn’t surprising, as starting fresh in a new setting would hopefully push the rocky start of the first game out of our minds.

Personally, I’m excited, not only to see just what Bungie has learned from the first game, but also as a chance to step into an interesting, persistent MMOFPS world. With no release date, but more rumors suggesting an Autumn release, as was the case with the original game, we’ll know more about the setting and further information sometime tomorrow.

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