Train Valley 2 – Passenger Flow DLC

The first DLC for Train Valley 2, titled Passenger Flow, will be releasing on 3 October 2019 for $5.99. The new DLC will introduce the titular mechanic, 20 new levels, 6 unlockable locomotives, 5 new sound themes, and new content in the level editor.

Train Valley 2 Releasing This Month

Train Valley 2, from developers Flazm Interactive, will be releasing on 13 April 2019 for $14.99 on Steam. This will mark the game leaving its early access period after just over a full year. Check out the press release below for more info.

Train Valley 2 Early Access Release Date

Lovely train based puzzle game Train Valley 2 has a release date for Steam Early Access: 29 March 2018. Amazingly it's been four years since the original game wowed us with its low-poly graphics and cute style but we're finally going to be getting hands-on with the in-development sequel, assuming you're willing to shell out…

Train Valley 2 Announcement

Russia's best export since vodka is getting a sequel! Train Valley will be slapping a 2 after the name and bringing back the management/puzzle style gameplay that we absolutely loved a few years ago. The formula is being expanded on with 50 levels, 18 locomotives and 35 car types from 6 generations of rail (steam,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 31 Mar 2016­ by Tomer S.

Train Valley Spins Its Tracks Into Germany

The adorable little management puzzle game Train Valley is back with a brand new DLC. Taking place in Germany this DLC features 6 brand new levels and locomotives for you  to manage. Even better, you won’t have to wait long to get this content as the DLC releases on April 7th. Only costing $2.50, you…
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Train Valley

Train Valley is a puzzle game from indie developer Oroboro Games. Players progress through seasons running their train company by building tracks, demolishing obstacles, and most importantly directing trains to their proper destinations without crashing into each other.
PREVIEWS 03 Jul 2015­ by KenpoJuJitsu3

Train Valley

New on Steam Early Access from Oroboro games is Train Valley. It’s a game that rides the line between simplicity and complexity. Let’s just call it sophisticated. Yeeaaaaah, sophisticated. So what do you do in Train Valley? Well, you manage trains, as the title might have suggested. Most of game play is spent demolishing obstacles…