Monster Hunter Rise – PC Announcement and Release Date

The excellent Monster Hunter Rise is finally making its way to PC! Don’t get too excited though, you’re going to have to wait until 12 January 2022 for the full release, but a demo will be available from 13 October 2021. The PC version will include all major post-launch content from the Switch version too.…
NEWS 15 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Capcom Showcase 2021

We're not expecting a huge amount out of Capcom this year. Expect another trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2 and patch info for Monster Hunter Rise on Switch but other than that we don't really know what they could have up their sleeves. It's a short show so let's get into it and find out:…
NEWS 11 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Summer Game Fest 2021 Kickoff

Despite having a name that sounds like a youth football league trying to be “cool” last night's show brought us a look at quite a few new games, and some stuff we'd seen before. Weezer was also present for some reason, along with a musical number for Sable. As usual you can watch the whole…

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Release Date Announced

Console players have been enjoying kicking chilly monster arses for quite a while but finally Iceborne, the expansion for Monster Hunter World that adds a new region, monsters, and gameplay features, has a release date for PC: 9 January 2020 and will be priced at $39.99 with special editions costing more.

Monster Hunter World Release Date – Just Not For Us

Along with that sweet TGS trailer which you can see above, we've got some more bitter news for the PC crowd this morning. There's a release date announced for Monster Hunter World – but only for consoles. The game will launch globally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 26 January 2018 with a PC…

Monster Hunter World Wildspire Waste Area Revealed

Monster Hunter's desert areas are often brutal and bleak but one of those (hint, it's the latter) looks like it's not true for Monster Hunter World at least. Today we've got a look at the new Wildspire Waste area, which will be this entry's desert. Arrekz over on YouTube has already done an excellent breakdown…

Step Inside the World of a Monster Hunter

Capcom are thrilled today to share with us their exciting new trailer that showcases more awesome gameplay from the upcoming (and first time on PC) release of Monster Hunter: World. We see the player on a quest to take down Anjanath; the biggest, baddest, giant monster that's inhabiting the lush and dangerous Ancient Forest. This 22…
NEWS 13 Jun 2017­ by K-putt

E3: Sony 2017

Since I own one of these odd PlayStation 4 console thingies for about a month now, I've had somewhat high hopes for this year's Sony E3 conference. Will we get to see more from The Last of Us 2 this time? What has Sucker Punch Productions been up to the last 3 years? Or will we see…