Just Die Already – Releasing May

Look, any game whose trailer thumbnail is an old man with one hand giving the finger to a building with a giant Boomer B Gone! sign on it is at least worth a look. The game puts you in the role of pensioners kicked out of their retirement homes and now competing in dangerous challenges…
NEWS 13 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Guerrilla Collective 2020 Day 1

E3 2020 may have been unceremoniously dumped in a ditch by the ongoing pandemic but we've got plenty of other coverage to enjoy still. Kicking off this coverage, starting with the first day of The Guerilla Collective's three day show. The whole show can be watched via the embed above, or you can scroll down…

Just Die Already – Announcement

DoubleMoose have announced Just Die Already which they describe as an Old People Mayhem Sandbox Game. If that trailer's anything to go by, they might be right. Just Die Already is releasing on PC in Summer 2020 but a demo will be available before then.