Crusader Kings 3 – Royal Court DLC Release Date

Paradox Interactive have announced that the first major Crusader Kings 3 expansion, titled Royal Court, will be releasing for PC on 8 February 2022. Check out the feature breakdown trailer above and press release below for more info on what to expect in the DLC.
NEWS 24 May 2021­ by Jay Shaw

PDXCON Remixed Announcement Show

The season of shows is upon us once more and Paradox Interactive are the first out of the gate with their PDXCON Remixed show. We're only covering the announcements here, but there's also an awards show available via their channel if you care who got what souvenir shop trophy this year. As usual you can…
NEWS 13 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Guerrilla Collective 2020 Day 1

E3 2020 may have been unceremoniously dumped in a ditch by the ongoing pandemic but we've got plenty of other coverage to enjoy still. Kicking off this coverage, starting with the first day of The Guerilla Collective's three day show. The whole show can be watched via the embed above, or you can scroll down…

Crusader Kings 3 – Release Date and Story Trailer

Much anticipated cocking it up as a king simulator Crusader Kings 3 finally has a release date of 1 September 2020. There's also a brand new story trailer embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

Crusader Kings 3 – Game Vision Trailer

Paradox have released a new trailer for Crusader Kings 3 in which the developers talk about their vision for the game and its future. You can check out the press release below for more info.
ARTICLES 21 Oct 2019­ by Jay Shaw

PDXCon Highlights

Surviving the Aftermath The sequel to Surviving Mars, Surviving The Aftermath throws players into a post apocalyptic setting with the aim of building a sustainable colony. You'll have to use your scarce resources to construct buildings and manage survivors, even overcome natural disasters. In addition to building your colony you'll have to venture out into…

Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury – Release Date and Music Video

Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury will be the latest expansion for the huge strategy game, and in accordance with the expansion's pagan themes is song from the official Crusader Kings band, Pagan's Fury. Styled as neo-folk-metal it's certainly an interesting listen. Holy Fury is releasing on 13 November 2018.
NEWS 19 May 2018­ by Jay Shaw

Paradox Convention – All the News

Oh boy, PDXCon (Paradox Convention) has had a seriously huge amount of announcements and new content this year, as is befitting of grand strategy gurus. Since there's so much we've decided to stick it all in one big post and let you dig through it to your own pace. If anything new gets announced over…

Crusader Kings 2 Jade Dragon DLC Release Date

We've covered Jade Dragon twice before, but we weren't able to give you a release date. That's something we can rectify now: Jade Dragon will be releasing on PC on 16 November 2017 for $14.99. Be sure to check out the links above and the press release below for more information on the upcoming features.

Crusader Kings 2 Jade Dragon Dev Diary

The game director of Crusader Kings 2, Henrik Fahraeus brings us new details via the dev diary video above. In it he talks about how the whims of the emperor or empress will affect China's policies towards the western barbarians. One emperor may be up for trade, another for conquest, while another may be completely isolationist.…

Crusader Kings 2 Expanding East

Grand scale strategy masterpiece Crusader Kings has tackled complex medieval politics, conquest, and whether or not you should tax turnips (maybe.) Heck, it's even covered Game Of Thrones thanks to modders. Now Crusader Kings 2's world is perhaps set to be conquered – the new expansion titled Jade Dragon, is introducing China as an off-map…