Borderlands 3 Exclusive To Epic – Release Details

Please try to contain your mild shock, Borderlands 3 has been announced to be an Epic Store exclusive for six months from the game's release on 13 September 2019. Check out the press release below for more info.
NEWS 29 Mar 2019­ by Jay Shaw

Borderlands 3 – Official Announcement

Gearbox Software has revealed Borderlands 3 officially. You can check out the trailer above showing some returning fan favourite characters including Tina, the Sirens, Claptrap, and Brick who gets an amazing saxophone solo half way into the trailer. There's also a gun with legs for some reason. Also announced during last night's livestream was the…

Gearbox Borderlands 3 Livestream Tonight

Gearbox have released a teaser trailer titled Mayhem Is Coming to tease the reveal of their new game via livestream at PAX East tonight. You can find the times and URL to watch the stream in the press release below.