Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Invasions DLC Announced

Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios have announced the second major expansion to Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Invasions. The DLC will bring a new faction, expanded worlds, new challenges, and alternate playstyles. Invasions releases on 26 May 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
REVIEWS 26 Nov 2019­ by Stephen Haselden

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall (Planetfall) is breaking from its fantasy roots to make the first sci-fi game in the AOW series. This makes it perfect timing for a sci-fi nerd like me to jump into the series. However, the big question is: Can a series that’s never been taken seriously as a 4X, transform itself…
ARTICLES 21 Oct 2019­ by Jay Shaw

PDXCon Highlights

Surviving the Aftermath The sequel to Surviving Mars, Surviving The Aftermath throws players into a post apocalyptic setting with the aim of building a sustainable colony. You'll have to use your scarce resources to construct buildings and manage survivors, even overcome natural disasters. In addition to building your colony you'll have to venture out into…
NEWS 11 Jun 2019­ by L Coulsen

E3: PC Gaming Show 2019

Continuing the trend began a few years back, PC Gamer were once again in attendance, representing, well, PC Gaming. Hosted by Sean 'Day[9]' Plott and Frankie Ward, this year it's 'powered by' the Epic Games Store, which already sets out leaving a sour taste in many mouths. But let's put all that aside and focus…

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall – Release Date Announcement

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall the sci-fi spin on the Age Of Wonders formula is launching on 6 August 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the press release below for more information about the pre-order bonuses and premium edition content.

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall – Amazon Faction Spotlight

In this faction focus video, Triumph and Paradox Interactive present a look at the Amazon faction from the upcoming Age Of Wonders: Planetfall. Stay tuned for more info as we get it.
NEWS 19 May 2018­ by Jay Shaw

Paradox Convention – All the News

Oh boy, PDXCon (Paradox Convention) has had a seriously huge amount of announcements and new content this year, as is befitting of grand strategy gurus. Since there's so much we've decided to stick it all in one big post and let you dig through it to your own pace. If anything new gets announced over…