I'm a wee bairn that, relatively speaking, hasn't been gaming long - my first home console was a PlayStation 2 and my first handheld console was a GameBoy Colour. Whilst I remember these fondly, PC has always had a special place in my heart right from the very beginning.

I'm willing to give any title a go but I do love role playing games, choice-driven games and visual novels in particular. I also enjoy strategy and puzzle games but I'm terrible at these. Simulation games are a rather guilty pleasure of mine.

In real life, I'm a recent English Language & Literature graduate that has spent some time drunkenly studying and studiously drinking in Germany. When I'm not playing or writing about games, I write silly short stories and tweet in all caps about food, boobs, cats and feminism.

J. A.
25 Feb 2016 22:08
19 Jan 2017 15:04