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PREVIEWS 03 Jul 2015­ by KenpoJuJitsu3

Train Valley

New on Steam Early Access from Oroboro games is Train Valley. It’s a game that rides the line between simplicity and complexity. Let’s just call it sophisticated. Yeeaaaaah, sophisticated. So what do you do in Train Valley? Well, you manage trains, as the title might have suggested. Most of game play is spent demolishing obstacles…
REVIEWS 10 Mar 2015­ by Kyle Johnson

Cities: Skylines

The city-building genre has suffered in recent years. With the release of 2013’s SimCity urban planning aficionados found themselves hampered by performance issues and a strange reliance on other players, as opposed to their own skill and innovation. With Cities XXL, players were gifted a budget version of SimCity with little to no improvements, and…
REVIEWS 03 Mar 2015­ by Kyle Johnson

Dying Light

Techland is no stranger to the survival horror genre. Originally releasing the two games in the now-forgotten Dead Island series, they were slated to develop Dead Island 2, before handing it off to Yager. Though the wave of zombie games has come and gone, with an impressive fourteen zombie-themed games being released in both 2009…