You’ve Built Your City, Now Break it Down!

Posted on 26 Oct 2016 by
Jordan Fong

Do you have a fascination with tornadoes? Wanna feast your eyes on a wildfire? Maybe you just don’t like that one resident, you know the one.

Welcome to the next DLC for Cities: Skylines, Natural Disasters, a whirlwind of chaos and misfortune. Adding all of the above weather conditions and many more, natural disasters may attack any time and tank your city. Maybe you’re feeling especially villainous that day, why not drop flood waters on some unsuspecting people, thinning the herd, so to speak. In addition to all of this, you’ll be able to create scenarios of your own and share them with your friends and the Skylines community.

Come this winter, you’ll not only be playing as the mayor of the city, but also as a God. Will you be a benevolent deity or the vengeful type?

Official Press Release

STOCKHOLM – Oct. 25, 2016 – Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games for Twister champions, today released a new gameplay video for “Natural Disasters,” the upcoming expansion for Cities: Skylines from developer Colossal Order. Natural Disasters will feature a collection of cataclysms for mayor-players to deal with, all the way from early warning systems through recovery and rebuilding following the devastation. In the new trailer, fans can take a look at how disasters can affect their city, and how things may wind up when the wind is up.

Natural Disasters will add a series of city-destroying emergencies to Cities: Skylines, which can occur unexpectedly during the game – or be manually triggered by mayors seeking a challenge or who just really dislike their citizens. Buildings and infrastructure will suffer untold destruction unless cities include the right emergency countermeasures, and players will have to act fast to keep things running as fire and flood sweep through town. In addition, a new Scenario Mode allows for custom challenges to be designed and shared through Steam Workshop

Natural Disasters will be available for Cities: Skylines players on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs this winter. For more information, breeze on over to .

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