XCOM 2 Long War Studios Alien Pack

Posted on 08 Aug 2016 by
Lee Braden

Right, who wants a new pair of trousers then, as this is quite scary. The next instalment of the LWS mods for XCOM 2 is out, and it’s the Alien Pack, and some of these are evil. In keeping with how Long War added new aliens and weapons to XCOM: EW, most of the stuff has already been added to XCOM 2. It’s now the turn of the aliens to arrive. In the lineup are new Vipers, ADVENT Peacekeepers, a new MEC, Sectoid Commander, a couple of Mutons, and oh yes, the Chryssalid Queen. Yes, a massive very angry Chryssalid that is about 2 stories tall.

If that hasn’t caused you to require new trousers…then you are either extremely insane, or extremely brave. Taking one down is similar to the current Alien Rulers we see from the Alien Hunters DLC.

The full list, with some background are:

  • Drone (two variations) – an ADVENT scout and crowd control unit
  • Naja (three variations) – a subspecies of the Viper that serves as an alien sniper unit
  • Muton Elite – a version of the Muton much more powerful than its predecessors
  • Sectoid Commander – an enhanced Sectoid with even greater psionic capabilities
  • Sidewinder (three variations) – a subspecies of the Viper that serves as a fast and agile flanker
  • Chryssalid Soldier – a larger and more intimidating variation of the Chryssalid
  • Hive Queen – an even larger Chryssalid all other Chryssalids bow down to
  • MEC Archer (two variations) – an ADVENT MEC equipped with long-range weaponry
  • ADVENT Sentry (three variations) – an ADVENT soldier that has great Overwatch abilities
  • ADVENT Rocketeer (three variations) – an ADVENT soldier with explosive ordinance
  • ADVENT Grenadier (three variations) – an ADVENT soldier equipped with flashbangs, fire grenades or acid grenades
  • ADVENT Gunner (three variations) – an ADVENT soldier with a cannon and the ability to suppress multiple XCOM soldiers at once
  • Muton Centurion – a variation on the Muton, previously made available at launch.

Also the Archeon and standard MEC get a small upgrade, all Vipers get a couple of upgrades, so the fight has gotten harder still. If you have already gotten the Muton Centurion mod, no need to worry, this mod replaces that. If you haven’t, then grab it from Steam Workshop.

And with that, all I can say is: Good Luck Commander, you are going to need it.

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