Wolfenstein II Season Pass Details

Posted on 27 Jul 2017 by

The entire Season Pass for the upcoming Wolfenstein II will consist of single-player only content, which just sounds all kinds of nice to me. I loved the jump-started franchises first title, Wolfenstein: The New Order, which was released back in 2014, and its standalone ‘The Old Blood‘ prequel expansion. Played through ‘em several times since release in fact. So hearing that one of my most anticipated games of this year will be getting even more story-related content is all around great news.

The deal with these four DLC’s are the three different playable characters and the ‘Episode Zero’ pack (which is a pre-order bonus), and they will introduce you to Gerald Wilkins, who’s a renowned hero Captain, the former quarterback, Joseph Stallion, and the assassin known as Jessica Valiant. Each of these characters will be receiving their very own proper downloadable content to mess around with.

  • ‘The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins’ has you visiting Alaska to stop the Nazis doing some nasty things.
  • ‘The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe’ lets you kill hordes of… you guessed it, Nazis!
  • ‘The Diaries of Agent Silent Death’ will let you infiltrate a Nazi bunker and do some more… nasty things.

And the best thing is, this Season Pass won’t cost as much as the game itself (as most typically do), since it’s only £17.99, although, that begs the question of how long these DLC’s actually are? But for that price, I’m completely fine with even just 1-2 hours per story (3-6 hours extra). Regardless, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will release this year on the 27th of October via PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One platforms.


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