Why Do Wars Always Start in Summer?

Posted on 28 Jul 2017 by
Lee Braden

Not just in 1914 when War was declared, but here today in 2017, Gaijin has announced it’s ‘Operation SUMMER’ event this year, and 5 new Destroyers for when Naval hits later on. For the ships, we have the Royal Navy’s Tribal Class, the US Navy’s Fletcher Class, the Kriegsmarine’s Type1936, and the Japanese Yugumo Class, these will be available for testing at some point soon if you own the naval pack, so have fun!

However, onto the main part, Operation SUMMER, the annual War Thunder event to keep you busy during the holiday months, or annoyed, depending upon your team mates, we have the usual setup of 2 days to get an achievement, which requires 3 tasks. For the tanks, we have the Sd. Kfz. 234/4, a Puma that has had the turret removed and replaced with an open-top mounted PaK-40 75mm cannon and the Chinese or Vietnamese Type 63 SPAA, a T-34 chassis with twin 37mm AA guns mounted.

As for the planes, we have the USAAF P-43 Lancer, a plane that does visually look like a stop-gap between the P-36 and P-47, and armed with 4x M2 .50cal’s, we also have the Japanese Ki-94-II, an army plane designed to engage US B-29’s at operational altitude and armed with 2x 20mm and 2x 30mm cannons, but barely completed ground testing before the war ended.

Also as a special, Gaijin are running “free for everyone” rewards each level that’s reached by the player base, and if you work hard you can also get rifles and decals for your vehicles, though I am not sure that you will get them in the order listed, but good luck if you want to try to get all 10!

Official Press Release


Players get the opportunity to unlock four rare vehicles for free in yearly event series and try out five Destroyer-class warships in Naval Forces mode

Friday, July 28th — Gaijin Entertainment today announced a massive expansion to the Naval Forces of the vehicular action MMO War Thunder. Now, each of the five fleets represented in the game’s most recent game mode feature their own Destroyers. These include the 1936-class Z20 Karl Galster for Germany, the Tribal-class for Britain, the 7-U-class for the USSR, the Fletcher-class for the USA and Yugumo-class for Japan. All of them can be tried this weekend.


The first Naval Battles in War Thunder featuring destroyers were received with overwhelmingly positive feedback by the players. Now, Naval Battles feature three different types of vehicles – aircraft, torpedo boats and destroyers – allowing players to perfectly adapt their choice of vehicle to the current situation on the battlefield.

Equipped with the largest-caliber weapons currently available in Naval Forces, Destroyers can engage opponents over extreme distances, even up to the opposite end of the map. To defend themselves from torpedo boats and attacking aircraft, they employ a large variety of lower-caliber automatic machine guns and cannons. The comprehensive, realistic damage model of Destroyers will allow virtual captains to truly feel ‘at the helm’ of a sizeable warship, requiring them to quickly make important tactical decisions. While the captain himself directs the fire of the main cannons, he can decide who are the priority targets for the crew manning the secondary armament, or which sections of the ship to focus on during repairs. In combat, time is of the essence – as damaged destroyers become a prime target for both torpedo boats and bombers.

For those keen to get early access to the regular testing sessions of ship combat in War Thunder and make their voice heard in the development process, more information is available here:


July 28th sees the start of Operation S.U.M.M.E.R., a month-long series of rewarding in-game activities. The two ground vehicles up for grabs this year are the Type 65, a powerful Chinese Anti-Aircraft modification of the famous T-34 medium tank for the Soviet tree, and the German Sd.Kfz. 234/4 “Pakwagen”, a heavy armored car equipped with a 75mm cannon. Virtual pilots will be able to take off in two new monoplane fighter aircraft, the P-43A-1 Lancer for the USA and the Ki-94-II for Japan. Further detailed information on the event and a daily updated calendar will be available on the game’s official website here: http://www.warthunder.com/en/news/4868/current

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